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Good for you …

Regular cycling can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your fitness.

Cycling is the third most popular re creational activity in the UK. An estimated 3.1 million people ride a bicycle each month.

As a form of exercise, cycling has broad appeal. Toddlers, pensioners, able-bodied and many people with disabilities can all enjoy cycling if they have the right equipment.

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine because it's also a form of transport. That means it saves you money, gets you fit and contributes to a cleaner environment.

It's a low-impact type of exercise, so it's easier on your joints than running or other high-impact aerobic activities. But it still helps you get into shape.

For example, someone who weighs 80kg (12.6 stones) will burn more than 650 calories with an hour's riding, and tone their legs and bottom. If you ride up hills or off-road, you'll also work your upper body.

The best way to build your cardiovascular fitness on the bike is to consistently ride twice during the week, then do a longer ride at the weekend. You'll soon feel the benefits.

Good for your wallet …

Bicycles require no road tax, no garage bills, no insurance, no licensing, no breakdown recovery services, and above all no fuel bills (unless you count confectionery bars!).

All a bicycle needs is a few pounds worth of "TLC" and maintenance a year.

How much does your car need?

A good bicycle will last for years, if not decades and is the ideal way to get around town.

A bicycle can be parked just about anywhere, so no more expensive car park bills (or wheel clamping and parking fines!)

Good for the planet …

Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car.

To make a bicycle requires only a fraction of the materials and energy needed to make a car.

Bicycles produce absolutely no pollution - they are a lot quieter too.

Have we convinced you yet about getting your own bike?

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